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Our Vision

 To provide quality, affordable education based on the Hindu ethos in a multi- cultural society.



Our Values

  • We inculcate the Hindu ethos in all our activities

  • We are tolerant of diversity and value the views and input of others

  • We operate ethically, with integrity and with mutual respect

  • We give attention to the growth, needs and aspirations of all stakeholders

  • We advocate transparency ensuring an environment of trust

  • We communicate with and involve our stakeholders in all decisions that affect them

  • We practice the principles of SEVA (service to others)

  • We encourage innovation among our stakeholders

Welcome to Shree Bharat Sharda Mandir

SBSM School has grown to become one of the most successful private educational institutions in Gauteng.  Established in 1936 and having been developed from a Vernacular school, into a nursery and pre-school in 1976, to a fully fletched Independent School in 1996. We cater for  learners from Grade 00 to Grade 12.

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SBSM's New Structure

As the result of the resignation of the Headmaster, in the First term, the School Committee, School Board and the Parent Association in consultation with SBSM Staff have fast tracked the process of its long term strategy and vision. This has resulted in a structural change whereby both High and Primary School would be led by their own Headmasters this will allow streamlining and focus of the respective schools.

Whilst we finalise these structures, the Interim Management protocols are as follows: 

i-reggie  m-dhanjee  r-jugjewan 
 Mr I Reggie
For the Primary School
 Mr M Dhanjee
Phase Head Gr 7-9
 Mr R Jugjewan
Phase Head 10-12


The structuring keeps the following principles in mind:

  • Upholding the strong values base and ethos
  • Remaining competitive and sustainable
  • Sustaining quality education while achieving excellent results
  • Attracting and retaining quality educators

The school will function in the same way as before and we will ensure minimal disruption or impact on learners. Communication should continue through the correct leadership channels. Standards will be monitored and upheld. Parents will be kept informed of new developments, and concerns will be addressed promptly. Plans are in place to ensure that a permanent structure will be finalised timeously.

PS:  Continuous communication will be sent to parents via email and sms.  The onus is on the parents to ensure that the school has your current and updated information. If you have changed details, please send us your correct details for communication.  You can email Mr A Singh on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Ensure that you state the learners Name and Grade in the email as reference.


Our Primary School Sports Day

sports day 2013 98 20130307 1647880671


SBSM's primary school learners had their sports day on 23 February 2013.  An eventful day filled with laughter, fun, prizes and applauses.  Parents showed their kind and loving support by wearing red, yellow and green and cheering for their children. A well organised and well managed event. Visit our past events gallery to view more pictures.


Prefects at SBSM

The system of Prefects in the Primary School at SBSM was introduced for the 1st time this year in 2012. It offers learners the opportunity to serve their school with a chance to develop and practise leadership skills.

Being appointed as a prefect is an honour. We introduced this system to allow our pupils to develop their leadership skills and nurture and grow a sense of responsibility, so that they will beome responsible future leaders and managers.

We trust that every year our dynamic group of prefects will take the school forward.


RCL Executive

On the 29th of October 2012 the newly elected Executive Body was inaugurated.

Chairperson - Divyesh Patel
Vice Chairperson - Priyan Parsoot
Secretary - Nina Hiralal
Treasurer - Rakee Kooverjee
Sports Officer - Ajay Naran
Media Officer - Joshil Naran
Cultural Officer - Darshan Lalloo
Outreach Officer - Shivesh Patel

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Notice Board


Proposed Dates to Remember this Term

  • 22 - 24 April - Camps Gr 4-7
  • 24 April - High School Sports
  • 24 April - Elementary Excursion
  • 1 May - Workers Day Holiday
  • 18 May - FP, Primary & High School Parents Day
  • 3 June - 6 June -  FP Assessments
  • 3 June - 19 June - Exams
  • 8 June - Elementary Parents Day
  • 21 June- School closes
  • 15 July - School re-opens for 3rd Term


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Useful Links

Visit our Past Events Gallery for CAMP Pictures

PA Highlights

PA Executive Members -2012.

Shanie Naidoo - PA Chairperson
083 200 0713

Nevan Pather - Vice Chair
082 784 5440

Bhadresh Channa - Treasurer
083 324 1732

Chetna Morar - Secretary
072 444 3633